Best Plants to Bring You Love

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With Valentine's Day tomorrow, you may still be scrambling for gifts.  Think about plants for the spring.  Why not start with plants that have a special love connection? 

Rosemary, with its reputation for strengthening the memory, has become an emblem of fidelity for lovers. Known by the ancient Egyptians as a soothing herb.

Dill was used in the middle ages by magicians in their spells and by common folk in wine to enhance passion.      


Gardenias have always engendered romantic thoughts and are known as the happiness flower for their ability to relieve restlessness and irritability.  In China women wear them in their hair and use them in perfumes and to scent tea. 

Marjoram, which grows wild in the Mediterranean hills, is known as "joy of the mountain."  It was worn as wreaths in Greek and Roman weddings to symbolize the joyful event.

No discussion of love can be complete without my favorite romantic story about the Rose.  It is said that Cleopatra seduced Anthony knee deep in rose petals.  What an image to carry to your love relationship! 

Excerpt from Secrets of the Land, Designing Harmonious Gardens with Feng Shui


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