Do you love Disneyland like Me?

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Do you love Disneyland like Me?

I love Disneyland.  The rides are fun and the characters are great to
see.  But that’s not really why I love Disneyland.  For me it’s all about
the plants.  When I was there last week the corals were in bloom.  And
oh, that annual color.   Disneyland uses a decadent amount and array
annual color.

I love the fact that when Disney and was originally planned it was
planned with plenty of landscape.  The array of trees and shrubs are
truly a wonder to behold.   The tradition of great Landscape continues
with new rides showing plants that are hot now. Though I don’t normally like topiary, the range and care that are
there is a wonder to behold.

One of the things I like best is something I
discovered last week when I was there.  They make mistakes just like I
do.  They have planting do overs just like I do.
I don’t know why this is a surprise.  How can you expect things to
always be perfect in the plant world?   This has always been a source of difficulty for people new to the plant world to understand.  When I do a design for a client there are times years later when some plants have failed.  Plant mortality happens for many different reasons – poor care, change of conditions i.e. a tree grows and shades part of the landscape or the painters dump leftovers in the planting beds.  But even with the best of care, plants occasionally don’t survive.

Some areas of my garden have changed four or five times in the 17 years i have lived here.  This
isn’t because I am frivolous  or make rash decisions.  Several years
ago I thought the Sollya I planted never took.  It was just slow.  Now
it’s blooming beautiful blue for me to enjoy.  But I just easily could
have removed it as I’m done with my many other failures.  Luckily I
don’t take failure personally.   I see how it can teach me for my
clients gardens.  Anything that can survive me can make it with my

Does it make you feel great to know that Disneyland is the
same as us?  When I was poking around a few planters I saw evidence of
other solutions to the planting.   In a few planters, tucked under the plants showing, was evidence of other solutions that had been put into place sometime in the past.

So the next time you  bring home a plant, plant it with love and watch it die know that you’re not alone.
You are in the company of geniuses that planned Disneyland.


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