Feng Shui Consultation

Feng Shui Consultation Provided

I love consulting with people in their businesses, homes and gardens. I do this in person and by Skype and mail. There are many aspects to a Feng Shui consultation.
I like to have some important information before our consultation.  One thing I like to know is about the predecessors and their fortune while living in this house or business. This is one aspect to understanding the Chi of the space.  I also like to know what your birthdate is so that I can see where you are in the cycle of life and how the current Chinese animal is affecting you.  Most importantly, I want to know what your problems and goals are.  This tells me where the weakness in your energy is so that I can give you homework to change and resolve lifelong problems.  Your goals can help us establish what much of our focus will be during the consultation.
Practices and services during the consultation may include many things:
  • Assessment of business desk location to increase power and income.
  • Assessment of the house location in the neighborhood, its relationship to the road and the slopes around it.
  • Evaluation of the house shape and location of the rooms especially the bedrooms, kitchen and office is done to determine optimal results.
  • Evaluation of each room to optimize its use and balance.
  • Evaluation of client’s goals and intentions to assist in boosting the Chi to achieve the manifestation of goals.
  • Space Clearing Ceremonies or other recommendations to clear old or negative energy.
  • Evaluation and recommendations for the exterior of the house to add to the client’s enjoyment and enhance the energy flow outside.
  • Checks for Electromagnetic energy especially in the bedrooms are routine.
  • Dowsing may be performed if there are suspicions of negative forces in the land or over the house.
In addition to consultations, Shelley is available for lectures, workshops and speaking engagements.


To get in contact with Shelley, please click here  Shelley@Harmony Gardens