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The Beauty and Mystery of Stonehenge

Visiting Stonehenge provides you with a sense of the beauty as an art piece as well as the mystery and energy of this iconic prehistoric monument. For more information about designing Podcast Video Play Now | Play in Popup |…

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Using Feng Shui to Balance Your Home Site

I just got a question about designing a home and whether it must be on balance.  I am always so grateful to receive questions like this because it gives me an opportunity to discuss subjects that I know many have about their homes. There are many ways to view siting a…

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Using Feng Shui to Design Your Business

I recently got a question asking for tips on setting up a business using Feng Shui principles.  When I am consulting a with a client to set up a store, I always start with the entry.  Of course you will want the entry to be inviting and not overcrowded.  You want the…

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