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Rocks Offer You Stability

Excerpted from Secrets of the Land, Designing Harmonious Gardens with Feng Shui Rocks are important to include in the landscape if it is feasible.  Rocks can be used for their symbolism; such as the Chinese connection to the heavenly forces or for the feeling of…

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Feng Shui Bedroom Tips

Upon examining this bedroom see elements of bed placement, about doors and “leaks” in the bedroom that can create difficulties for love and health.  There are many things that you should think about when you select or build a bedroom that can affect many…

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Feng Shui Tips for your entry

Your entry is where energy enters your house.  This makes your entry very important.  This video gives you great tips to help make your more unique, more welcoming and luckier. Feng shui tells you about color and business Play Now | Play in Popup |…

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How to create a wildlife habitat garden

Looking around my garden I have always felt that it was a special habitat for wildlife.  I have felt that about every garden that I have designed for myself but there are special elements that have to be created in order to truly be a habitat for wildlife.  Recently I…

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Feng Shui Tips for a Spring Garden

Feng Shui Tips for a Spring Garden When spring comes to a garden, it is time to look around and evaluate what is working and what needs alteration.  In my garden, my front yard comes alive with Statice, Lavender, Red Chinese Lantern, Pink breath of Heaven and of…

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