How to Handle Frustration Gracefully

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My email was down today and while there's lots of big problems in the
world, this one for a while seemed like a big problem to me.  

I felt really out of control because it seemed difficult and lengthly to fix.
 The first 12 hours or so I figured that this was what happens when
you move your website but after that I started to really get annoyed
and I had to figure out how to approach it.

My natural tendency when I get annoyed is to start yelling. People who know me don't believe this but it is true.

But with all my meditation practice
I have learned that when something is annoying or
disturbing to me it's time for me to take a step back.  I don't want
to add to the already chaotic up experience that I'm having.

So this morning I spent extra time meditating.  That really stood me in a good
place because as I got annoyed and upset as the process was unfolding,
I took deep breaths and tried to remember that all of this was very ephemeral.

Everything passes and tomorrow I won't remember  -well maybe I will –
but next week I won't remember the frustration and angst I had over this issue.

What I will remember is how at the peak of my frustration I left my office
and went out to see and photograph a beautiful green vertical wall and enjoyed a nature experience. 

Life is short. It doesn't pay to fill it with upset and frustration. All will pass
and all will be well.  It is all how you handle difficult situations.

My email is working again.


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