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fish_coinsI was recently in England and had the good fortune to visit both Stonehenge and  Avebury Henge.  Our guide remarked a minimum of three times how he didn’t understand why Stonehenge garnered so much acclaim and attention and yet the Avebury Stones were little known and under-appreciated.  I know little to nothing of the history but I was able to observe the two from a Feng Shui perspective and what I observed could be of help to you.

Simply put, if you observe the forms of the two sites, Stonehenge has a strong

Note how strongly these rocks work together.

Note how strongly these rocks work together.

cohesive form where the stones relate to each other.  Avebury’s stones are scattered and even allowing for the degradation of the site, the stones are not as closely related to each other.   Even though you can’t get next to Stonehenge forms you can feel the protection of the place while at Avebury, it is so wide open you feel mostly exposed and unattached.   See how though a pattern exists, the relationship is loose and open.

See how though a pattern exists, the relationship is loose and open.



So what does this mean for you?  I invite you to think about the forms in your office and home to imagine how cohesive they are with your vision of who you are and what you mean to do in life.  Do the forms around you speak to who you are? What does it say about you?  As I look around my office right now, I see the books that support my knowledge and wisdom, the color red that excites and delights me, plants for vitality and growth, Feng Shui wealth cures, objects supporting my spiritual side and views out to my gorgeous garden.  In short, it is an outward display of where I am and where I want to be.

I find when I analyze the Feng Shui of some people’s homes and businesses that they may carry baggage from their past that no longer expresses who they are or weighs them down and keeps them stuck in the past.  I once did a consultation for a woman that had many stunning clocks displayed in her living room. When I inquired about them she told me that her mom asked her to take care of them but that she didn’t really like them.  I suggested that she didn’t have take care of them personally but could pass them onto other family.  She said that a tremendous burden was immediately lifted and that she felt that her home could now be her own.  Some people have so much “stuff” around them, their energy is scattered and they can’t focus on manifesting what they want in life.  On the other side of the coin some people have such a spare existence that there is little joy or fabric to their present.

Here is my recommendation to bring your interior and exterior in alignment.  Think about one aspect of your life that you would like to improve.  Pick a room in your house that is emblematic of that aspect of your life.  For instance, if you want to improve your love life, you might pick your bedroom.  Before you go into your bedroom think about what it is that you want for your love life.  Take a deep breath to separate yourself from your space.  (This will be the hardest part because we so deeply identify with our “stuff”.)  When you go into the room now, thinking of your future, look to see if what is there is who you want to be.

I have one client who set her bedroom up to please herself and her husband moved out of the bedroom.  If you want a good relationship sometimes the room has to be a compromise, something you both will be comfortable with and enjoy.  I have had several cases where a clients who wants more financial control and independence have taken a larger office or a more empowering position and it has resulted in the security they seek.

If you aren’t accustomed to viewing your business or home with different eyes, here are some suggestions:

For more business:  Make sure you are in a “power” position.  Your desk should, if possible face the door, and not be in the doorway.

For more peace: Release objects that no longer express who you are today and who you see yourself becoming.  Also, see if you can clear up your spaces so that you have less “stuff” to distract you from a quiet mind.

For better relationships:  Surround yourself with harmonious images, make space for others in your physical environment and furniture and furnishings should tie together.

Feng Shui has many objects that are designed to help you in various aspects of your life.  You can check out my website for some and is another great resource.

If you are interested in more information about Feng Shui.  I am teaching a free class on Feng Shui Garden Design and a workshop on the same in Mountain View, CA July 19 & July 20.  For more information, click the image below.

Learn how to balance yourself with Feng Shui Garden Design

Learn how to balance yourself with Feng Shui Garden Design



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