Landscape Mission

The Garden is a Healing Space

shelley sparks

Shelley Sparks – Founder of Harmony Gardens

My mission is to improve people’s lives through improving their environment. I got into landscape or garden design because I know that many people have lost the connection with nature that is essential to our well-being. My job is to help you design your garden so that you take ownership of it and receive the healing benefits of your connection to the earth. To help you, I write newsletters, blogs, books, and articles as well as do consultations and landscape plans.
I design all aspects of a garden including planting, paving, overhead structures and arbors, fencing, walls, pools, spas, outdoor kitchens, barbecues, fountains, firepits and fireplaces, outdoor furniture, pots, lighting and irrigation. Basically, anything outside your house is what I can help you design.
Throughout garden design, I want to entice people into their gardens so they can experience the delight and positive emanations in their gardens.
People guided by the spirit combined with the physical place and nature creates a rich healing environment for all concerned.