When a Tree is Removed

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I said goodbye to an old friend today.    When we first moved to this
house 17 years ago I knew we should have removed the Weeping Fig right
near the door but it was a bit large and we weren’t in the financial
position to take on this project.  Ficus Benjamina has very aggressive
roots and should never be planted close to a house, any paving or any
sewers.  Over the years it has occurred to us that we should take
steps to take the tree out but we had fallen in love with it’s
strength and it beauty.

About a month ago, I noticed that there were
many new cracks in our interior walls near where the tree was and
realized that our beauty had begun to lift the foundation.
We had to face the fact that it may be time to say goodbye but just to
be sure, I had an arborist come out to look at it and he agreed that
the tree must go.
As a Feng Shui expert as well as landscape architect I realize how
important trees are.    They are entities that can take a property
from  negative to positive energy.  This tree is located in my career area so
it is particularly important to us.

When a tree is being removed, there are steps that must be taken to
continue the good luck that you enjoy with the tree. (See Secrets of
the Land for detailed instructions).
Today is an auspicious day so I took the opportunity to spend some
time with my tree, hugging it and telling it what would happen and
why.  Then I recited mantras to soothe its energy and did a special
ceremony to honor the tree.
When my arborist comes to remove the tree, I know I will be
very sad.  I plan to sing and recite many more mantras to honor my
beautiful tree and to pray that the service this tree has offered to
me and the birds and bees will allow its energy to be reborn into a
human life.


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