The Magic Healing of Gardens

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The Magic Healing of Gardens

A good luck art piece

I always love it when I meet gardeners.  This week I was blessed to be present at two events that put me in contact with two wonderful women.  I had a booth at a Wellness Expo and met wonderful fellow exhibitors and I loved meeting all of the people that stopped at my booth.  One woman was a gardener and told me that gardening saved her.  Although she didn’t reveal what her circumstance was, she taught me in the space of five minutes that I could learn from her.  She has sought and found so many uses for the plants in her enormous garden and cited herbal solutions for illnesses that I had never heard before.  I felt humbled and reminded how much the garden has to teach me personally.

I met the second woman yesterday at a talk that I gave about Designing Good Luck into Your Garden for a local garden club.  She told me she lost her leg at age 52 and thought that her life was over.   She went into depression but one day her husband took her out and got her some plants and a planter box and got her started.  Planting and caring for plants gave her meaning again.  She realized that animals and plants cope with loss of their appendages without whining and moaning.  They just go on with life, enjoying what they have, and relishing each day and that is what she has learned to do.

We humans are so fragile because we think we are.  It is often our thinking that gets us in trouble because we regret what our past is or worry about what the future has in store.  We have everything we need to survive and thrive in this moment and many times we pass this moment without being present to enjoy what is here.

I am sitting at my desk with a beautiful orchid to my left and work to my right in a comfortable chair surrounded by artwork that I love.  Life is good.


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