What to do if disaster strikes your garden.

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When I am analyzing the feng shui of a client I am very clear about what is happening in the home and garden.  But like the doctor or psychiatrist that can’t diagnosis themselves, I was a bit taken back and initially stumped by what was happening on my own piece of heaven.

This morning as I left my house and I noticed that a tree in my front yard was gone. When was it cut down?

It could've been yesterday the day before or the day before that. I frankly don't know. Nonetheless there is a stump in my front yard where a beautiful, well maybe not so beautiful, Southern Magnolia once stood.  Now, if I was a client, I would have an opinion about it because when you remove a big energy like a tree it has a big effect on the feng shui of the property. To compound the mystery, in that same area I have lost several other plants to disease. So what does it mean when a whole area is devastated?

If I was to look at this as if it was gloom and doom, I would think that there is a disaster awaiting me around the corner with the particular area of my life that this corner represents.

The devastations occurred in the knowledge or wisdom area of my property.  Does that mean Alzheimers is begins tomorrow?  The part of the body affected by this area is the hands.  Is that ache in my shoulder a precursor to something worse?  This area also affects your ability to pass on your wisdom through writing.  So could I freeze up with writers block?

Over the years I have fielded hundreds of questions like this from my clients.  I usually retreat to meditation for an answer.  I have found that when you are emotionally connected to an issue, you often can’t rely on an answer in meditation because no matter how enlightened you may feel, that emotional connection often creates a roadblock to the clarity needed to be of service to the current situation.  So alternatively, I use one or more of the many divination methods that I have available.  One of my favorites is the Kuan Yin Temple Oracle, in book form by Marina Lighthouse.

In this case, I got the message that difficulty is at the end and it is time to reap the reward.  What a relief!  With the message, I can then apply an interpretation.  Sometimes when you want things to change in your life you adjust the feng shui of your garden, home or bedroom.  I have found especially in the garden that sometimes when things need to change, nature intervenes to help you shift your perspective in a particular area of life and so it has happened with me.  After many years, my book on garden design has finally gone to print and new possibilities are opening up to me.  The message for me here is that the universe is acknowledging the shift and that I can recreate that area of life (and of my garden) from a new point of view.


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