Writing is a guilty secret.

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I discovered something very interesting while writing books. Writing is a secret guilty pleasure of mine. I always love to research things and learn about new things. Unless you are writing about something like this- where you are writing about your feelings, you usually have to learn more about the subject. That is when I feel like I am stealing something. I get to do research and learn new things in the name of writing a book. So when I decided to write How to Attract Butterflies to Your Garden I started to salivate thinking about the things I would learn in the process. I already know a lot about attracting butterflies to the garden. I educated myself in Costa Rica at Butterfly reserves and Butterfly Farms and in fact I have designed Butterfly Gardens for my clients. I have even encouraged butterflies to flit to my own garden.

But when I embarked on writing this e-book, I was to learn how much I had yet to learn. It was so much fun learning about different families of butterflies and what they are attracted to. So in conclusion, if you want to learn something, write about it. It is not only educational but a secret guilty pleasure. If you are interested in getting How to Attract Butterflies to Your Garden, it easy and free- just sign up on the website.


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